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Feel calm & in control of your journey

How can you make breastfeeding enjoyable without worries or insecurities

Breastfeeding doesn’t seem to come easily to many of us anymore. 

Why are so many women struggling nowadays, feeling overwhelmed and eventually giving up?

Questioning whether we are doing things right, if our baby is showing normal behavior, if we have enough milk. The interference, opinions and advice from others make us feel insecure and doubtful. 

Not to mention the pain and discomfort every breastfeeding woman seems to experience. 

Instead of feeling confident that we can do it we say:
“Well, I am at least gonna give it a try” & ” I hope that I can do it”

You just want to be able to enjoy breastfeeding...

You just want breastfeeding to work for you & to enjoy being a new mom.
You want to give your baby everything he needs and feel confident you are doing the right thing.

With the right guidance & mindset you can make breastfeeding work for you! I believe that every woman is able to breastfeed her baby and that it doesn’t have to be a battle.

Instead of feeling confident, women start to doubt every step in breastfeeding. Instead of enjoying their time they feel nervous for the next feed. 

Many moms experience discomfort whilst breastfeeding. Painful nipples and swollen breasts dominate their days.

Instead of feeling empowered to continue there seems to be only one solution: “to give up breastfeeding”  to find more peace of mind.

When you are able to trust your instincts and follow your intuition, breastfeeding can be a positive experience.

Each mom has a strong inner power inside of her. A power that tells her exactly what to do, when & how. With the right guidance you will trust your instinct, follow your intuition and make breastfeeding work for you.

With over seven years experience myself I can guide you to a calmer & more confident approach to breastfeeding.

“Breastfeeding isn’t something you have to learn, 
it is a skill you can practise”


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Your tribe for personal development & support along your breastfeeding journey.

Feel empowered & confident in breastfeeding. Feel connected to like minded moms, support each other and get daily coaching in a private community.

Mom to be
Congratulations, you are expecting a baby!
You want to breastfeed your baby but after hearing all the stories about breastfeeding or your previous experience, you are afraid that it’s gonna be difficult to succeed. 


Breastfeeding mom
You have your baby in your arms, congratulations!
You are in the middle of breastfeeding and it’s not what you expected. You feel overwhelmed by worries and insecurities. You want to feel more calm & confident. To look back on a successful breastfeeding journey.
You feel that it’s time to start enjoying your new momtime!

"Breastfeeding is something only you can do, but you don't have to do it alone"

breastfeeding mum

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breastfeeding mum


"So thankful for your guidance and advice during the most difficult and challenging time of my life" During my first pregnancy my world collapsed when I found out my little one was about to be born at 28 weeks.

To me it was with no question that I had to say goodbye to breastfeeding my baby who was in intensive care for over 3 months.
Thanks to your support and knowledge my little one was able to breastfeed for almost 3 amazing years.

Especially your emotional guidance has gotten me through the moments where I lost confidence and thought that I needed to give up.

I was able to stay strong and overcome all the obstacles that stood in our path!
Sarah, mom of Konstantinos
"Even though it was my third child, I could enjoy it so much more now" Karla's knowledge about breastfeeding and general newmother insecurities have helped me enormously. But most helpful was the mental support.
Without your mental support I would have never continued breastfeeding.
Thank you Karla for all your support, I wouldn't have managed it without you.
Effie, mom of Marios

"Would you give breastfeeding a try or would you just do it?"

About me

I am Karla,  proud mom of two, living in Greece. After a rough start to breastfeeding and feelings of uncertainty I finally connected to my instinct & intuition.
I have now been breastfeeding for over seven years.

I have seen many mums feeling insecure, worrying, struggling and eventually giving up on breastfeeding; it broke my heart.
That’s why I decided to start “Holistic Breastfeeding”.

When I see a mom feeling confident & calm while nursing her baby, glowing with pride & happiness, I know my mission is accomplished.


Would you like to get to know me better, see if I am the right coach for you? Do you have any questions or concerns? Feel free to message me.

49081 / Corfu, Greece