Hi! I am Karla,

Proud mom of Danaos (2013) & Elina (2018) living in Corfu, Greece with Alexandros. 

Born and raised in the Netherlands, I came to live with the love of my life at the most beautiful and green island of Greece in 2008.

My start of motherhood was one with many ups & downs and especially breastfeeding has been very challenging. I struggled with pain, discomfort, wondering if I was doing everything right.
There was no local support on the island.
I felt overwhelmed, insecure, worried and I was ready to quit and give up.
It was when Alex intervened and made me find my confidence back,
I started to believe in myself & my nature again. Instead of quitting I continued for four years and feed a total of over seven years now!

Having missed local support and speaking to many moms who gave up due to the lack of information and insufficient support, my passion started to grow.
It became my mission to help other moms succeed in breastfeeding too. Listen to my full story & breastfeeding experience in the next video:

"Breastfeeding isn't just something you do, it is a way of life"

It is my mission to guide moms towards a confident & calm breastfeeding journey where they feel in control.
Every mom deserves to enjoy her new mom & breastfeeding time to the fullest.

To guide moms to be ahead of insecurities by working on their mindset, intuition and the connection to their inner power already during pregnancy.
To start off their breastfeeding journey feeling confident and empowered.

Motherhood is a beautiful journey of inner growth and self development. Breastfeeding is a beautiful way of getting to know yourself, stand for yourself and choose the path you desire. You know what is best for your baby anytime, anywhere.

Breastfeeding is more than just giving nutritions to your baby. Breastfeeding is a way of life. You get challenged to stay true to yourself and grow your intuitive skills. Skills that stay with you for the rest of your motherhood life.

When a baby has a confident & calm mother, this gets imprinted in his brain and determines his level of safety and confidence in the future. Succeed in breastfeeding and change generations.

breastfeeding mom

What I love:

Apart from my beautiful family, I love to be out in nature. Living on the greenest island of Greece there is enough out here to enjoy. 

Walking in the mountains, swimming in the sea, sunbathing in the summer, cycling my kids around (on the flat parts 😉 ) picking wild flowers, are just a few of my favorite things.

Going for a meal with my friends (sushi, hamburger, Thai Indian… you can wake me up for anything)

Natural life:

Both me and Alex being overweight on the moment we met in 2005, Alex started to read a lot about natural diets and herbal medicine. We both started to change our diet and lost both over 10 kilo’s over the time of a few years. 

We drink natural tea’s like Rosemary and Lemongrass from our own garden. We grow our own vegetables, have our own chickens and only eat free range meat from the animals in the mountains.

Living this lifestyle makes us no longer needing any painkillers, paracetamol or other medicines. Only natural and homeopathic remedies are to be found in our house.

Chemical free:

Living a natural, conscious lifestyle also means as less chemicals as possible into our home

I make my own facial creams, deodorant and love baking my own dinkelbread.

Having both kids on washable nappies and babywipes are just a few of the conscious decisions we made into raising our kids


And not to forget, our own honeybees. As a beekeeper Alex creates the best organic, biodynamic, honey there is. No more sugar for us! Only the best that nature gives us.


“Won’t you ever go back to the Netherlands?”, many people ask me. But as you can read in the above, there is no way that we can live this lifestyle there. (and no way to change my 6 months in bikini for 6 months in a winterjacket, lol!)

No, for ever these sunsets and this life if you ask me!?