"Confident Breastfeeding"

Feel confident & in control of your breastfeeding journey


Hey beautiful mum,

You are in the middle of your breastfeeding journey but you aren't able to enjoy it to the fullest...

You thought that you were well prepared for breastfeeding but instead of enjoying this time with your baby you feel overwhelmed and insecure. 

You ask yourself: Am I doing everything right? What if I don’t have enough milk? Is my baby showing normal behavior, should I be doing anything different?

You analyse every little step and you don’t seem to be able to find any peace of mind anywhere.

Others seem to do it so easily, why can't you?

You feel tired, the pink cloud feels far away and your thoughts don’t seem to stop.

All the advice, interference and opinions of others make you feel even more insecure: “to whom to listen and what’s best to do?”

You were determined to breastfeed but now you don’t know if you should continue. You don’t want it to take its toll on you. Others also tell you that it’s maybe time to start thinking about yourself. You really start to believe that quiting might be best…

Don't give up yet, beautiful mom!

Imagine that breastfeeding is gonna work for you! Imagine to be able to enjoy it from now on!

You can take your power back and feel in control of your journey!

With my guidance you can feel confident again in breastfeeding.
It’s not just the practical tips but especially emotional guidance, that will empower you. You will feel confident again to continue and to make your breastfeedingjourney a success.

Your instincts are now stronger than ever. You know exactly WHAT to do, WHEN & HOW.

breastfeeding mum

Right now you:

It's time to take control back!

You deserve to enjoy your breastfeeding & new mum time to the fullest!
This time will never come back so allow yourself to do what ever it takes to make this work for you and your baby.

It is my mission to guide you towards feeling confident in breastfeeding. To feel powerful & connected with yourself.
To find your peace & confidence back in breastfeeding.
To be able to trust your instincts and to follow your intuition.
To do what feels good to YOU no matter what others might say.
To give your baby the best and feel calm along the way.
To reach your breastfeeding goals and more.

Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey on which you get to pave your own path on your own terms!  

“Do you want to focus on the difficulties or embrace the challenges?

I am Karla,

I was ready to give up on breastfeeding… 
At the start of my breastfeeding journey I felt overwhelmed by emotions & insecurities. Not knowing if I was doing things right or if my sons behavior was normal. On top of that feeding was painful. 

I was worrying, over analysing and felt exhausted. I was ready to quit.
My partner Alex was the one who reconnected me with myself. Reminding me of my instinctive role as a mother and gave me the confidence to release control and follow my instinct.

I started to adapt to my sons rhythm and follow our needs.
Lessons I still live by today…
Instead of giving up I continued breastfeeding to his fourth birthday.

"So thankful for your advice and guidance during the most difficult & challenging time in my life.
I thought that I had to give up on breastfeeding completely but thanks to you we ended up breastfeeding for three years"
mom of Konstantinos

Imagine to:

Are you looking for the unique combination of 1:1 coaching and the power of a breastfeeding tribe with like minded moms?

Your investment:

€ 111

  • Three months access to the private “Mastermom Breastfeeding Tribe”
  • Three months 1:1 coaching: two videocalls & unlimited WhatsApp support

Focus points for more confidence & peace in breastfeeding :


Feel safe & supported to share your challenges. Have someone next to you who understands & can relate to your journey and  provide you with practical advice.
Connecting with like minded moms will empower you and you feel that you’re not alone.


Although moments might feel hard, it is easy to get carried away in negative thinking by focusing only on your worries & insecurities.
With my guidance you are able to stop this spiral of negative, worrying thoughts and change them towards more empowering, positive ones.
So you will feel more positive & energetic along your journey.


Connect to your intuition, find peace inside yourself.
Stay true to yourself when everyone seems to have their opinion.
Feel that you know what to do, no matter what from the connection with yourself. 


Create a peaceful base to optimise bonding & connection with your baby. Feel anchored in your space to be able to let your motherbrain guide you. 

Why am I the right person for you?

I had a rough start to breastfeeding and managed to take control, follow my intuition and make my breastfeeding journey a joyful one. A journey that still continues up until today with my second child. Now it’s my aim to help others find their path.

Being intuitive, sensitive, straightforward and analytical, I quickly get to the underlying point of your challenges.

Others describe me as honest, reliable and genuine.

Being a mom of two young children myself, I relate directly to the challenges new mums face. 

Having advised many breastfeeding mums over the past years, providing practical tips & emotional support, I have developed a fine-tuned understanding of the anxiety new mothers deal with.


I found Karla as a coach really competent. She is very caring, open and authentic. I loved her open and non-judgmental approach. She is very understanding. I really enjoyed our sessions. Even when the program was finished, Karla still showed her interest in my well-being.
It was far & beyond my expectations. I am very grateful for that..
Mom of two

This is for you when:


You can start as soon as you feel ready. After registration I will contact you to book our first call.

You can pay by banktransfer or PayPal. You will receive the details of your preferred payment method by email after registration.

My coaching mainly focuses on the emotional part of breastfeeding and motherhood. Through my own experience I know a lot about general breastfeeding as well but I believe that the internal part is 80% of your breastfeeding success. For this reason I focus on this the most.

Your investment

€ 111

Three months, personalised 1:1 coaching (two videocalls & WhatsApp support)

Three months access to the private “Mastermom Breastfeeding Tribe” full of resources to feel empowered & confident.

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