Focus Session

Discover in just 30 minutes, what you need to make your breastfeeding a success

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“Imagine that breastfeeding is gonna work for you

"As a nurse at the maternity ward I have seen many moms struggling in breastfeeding. I was determined to breastfeed my baby but I was feeling anxious about the difficulties that I was gonna be facing.
I really thought that breastfeeding was always gonna be hard at the start. That it was something that I just had to deal with.
Our focus session gave me the tips and tools on how to overcome my anxiety. I learned exactly what I could do to overcome my anxiety and I started working on that. Eventually I felt very confident & even excited for what was coming.

I had such a beautiful and peaceful start of motherhood & breastfeeding. I can't thank you enough. Thank you Karla!"
mom of Vera

"So thankful for your advice and guidance during the most difficult & challenging time in my life.
I thought that I had to give up on breastfeeding completely but thanks to you we ended up breastfeeding for three years"
mom of Konstantinos

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“Feel empowered and get the clarity & focus you need,

to make your breastfeeding a success”