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Feel supported & empowered

Breastfeeding is an adventure with many ups & downs

It can be overwhelming at times. Feeling like you’re alone in your mission. Asking others for advice, leaving you often more confused than before.

Or you do follow their advice but somewhere feel that it isn’t your way. But also don’t know what is best for you or your baby instead… You get confused and anxiety is around the corner.

Imagine to feel confident in the choices you make for yourself & your baby.
What if you can just feel from deep inside of you what is best for the both of you?
Letting anyone say what they want to say and still follow your own path?
Making breastfeeding work the way in the long term in the way feels best to you.

You really want to make breastfeeding work

Giving it all of your energy and effort might be strange to others.

They ask you why you are giving so much effort. Why you haven’t quit already. That a bottle is just as good.

You feel alone & unsupported. 


But you are not alone in it!

You just need to collect the right people around you!
Women who think just like you. Moms who are breastfeeding too. Moms who see the importance of breastfeeding. Who understand your decisions and support you along the way.

It takes a village to breastfeed a baby, all you need is to choose that village wisely

Right now:

After joining the Mastermom Tribe, you:

“Breastfeeding is something only you can do,
but you don’t have to do it alone

In this "Mastermom Breastfeeding Tribe" you will:

"Thank you, I am feeling so empowered & reassured to know I am heading in the right path. Thank you for your energy, your amazing vibe and how comfortable you made me feel. I felt like I knew you before "
Mom to be
"You have a way of giving your tips & advice in such a warm, relatable way! I appreciate your holistic approach to breastfeeding & motherhood. I felt like I wasn't alone. I felt empowered & relaxed. You helped me reach back to my natural mother instincts and focus on my energy and how it's been affecting my baby. Thank you Karla, you are an amazing woman"

What to expect in the
"Mastermom Breastfeeding Tribe":

“Are you ready to feel empowered in your breastfeeding journey and enjoy this beautiful time?

"So grateful for your guidance & advice during the most challenging and difficult time of my life. I thought I had to give up on breastfeeding but thanks to you I managed to be breastfeeding for 3 years."
Mom of Konstantinos
"You really knew what I needed. Your practical tips were really helpful. I realised my insecurities are not only relatable to breastfeeding. You made me feel empowered, knowing that I am on the right path, thank you"
Mom of 3 girls

Your way to be feeling empowered & confident

Your investment

95 euro

  • Three months of full support & coaching in a safe community of like minded moms 
  • Bonus group hypnossession to reprogram your mind for more confidence & success

It's time to embrace your path and feel supported!

You deserve to enjoy your breastfeeding time to the fullest ON YOUR TERMS!
Nobody gets to tell you what & how you should be doing things. 

It’s time to embrace yourself, choose your path and feel confident while doing so.

It is my mission to guide & empower you along your journey. 
I believe that we, as moms, should support each other instead of judging one another for their choices.
I believe that we need each other at this special time in our lives.
That we can uplift each other and make each other grow as moms and as individuals.

Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey that you get to travel in your way!
Feeling confident & empowered!

What better way of getting there within the safety of a group with like minded moms.


This September 2021

After registration you will receive payment details. You can pay by Paypal or banktransfer

This group is for any breastfeeding mom who wants to approach her journey more consciously. 
Who is looking for the right support and recognition during her breastfeeding time. 

For moms who are into natural , conscious living,  mindset, intuition and meditation. 
Does this light your innerfire? Than this is your place to be.


Your investment only this edition:

95 euro

Three months of coaching in a private community & live Zooms sessions


Meditations & visualisations

Live Q&A’s

Bonus: grouphypno session

Feeling supported, empowered & confident in your breastfeeding journey

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