Prepare for successful breastfeeding

Take full control of your upcoming journey, feel confident to  make it work. Have the breastfeeding time you deeply desire!

Hey beautiful mum to be,

Imagine having a peaceful start to breastfeeding...

Congratulations, you are expecting a baby! What a beautiful and special time. You probably can’t wait to have your baby in your arms. 

There is no doubt that you want to breastfeed your baby but it seems it’s becoming more difficult. So many moms are struggling, experiencing pain and discomfort. They are insecure about their milk supply and whether they are doing the right thing.

You might have heard stories or maybe had an unsuccessful experience yourself. 

You want to breastfeed but at the same time you are unsure if it’s gonna work for you…

Instead of looking forward to it with confidence, you say:

“I hope that I’m gonna be able to do it” and “I’m gonna give it a try”

When you say this, you are actually saying that it’s okay if it doesn’t work for you. But deep inside of you, you feel that you really want to give your baby the best there is… To build that important connection and bond between you and your baby.

How can you make breastfeeding work for you?

Breastfeeding is a natural instinct and the most logical step after pregnancy & birth. But why do so many women doubt their abilities?

With the right mindset, connection & trust in your body, you can make breastfeeding work!

Successful breastfeeding is determined by the quality of your experience. Understanding the connection you are developing with your child.

In order to make that connection you need to “know” that your instincts will always guide you towards fulfilling your baby’s needs. 

With my four pillars as a guidance, you have all the tools to make breastfeeding work for you & have the best experience.

Your instincts are now stronger than ever.
You KNOW what to do


Right now you:

Successful breastfeeding starts from within

We have learned to search for answers and solutions outside of ourselves.  But the power to success is hidden inside of us.
Breastfeeding doesn’t have to be as hard or difficult as you have heard or experienced. It is there inside of you already!
Breastfeeding is a natural skill you can practice.

What you need is to reconnect to that strong power inside of you that knows what to do.

Do you want breastfeeding to be a struggle & hard or do you want to learn to embrace the challenges?

It’s my mission to guide you towards feeling confident in breastfeeding. To prepare you for your journey so that you feel powerful and connected with yourself.
To be able to know exactly WHAT to do, WHEN & HOW.
To be able to trust your instincts & follow your intuition. 
To do what feels good to YOU, no matter what others might say.
To give your baby the best and feel calm along the way.
To reach your breastfeeding goals and more.

Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey on which you get to pave your own path on your own terms!

“Do you hope that you can breastfeed or are you gonna make it happen?

Imagine to:

I am Karla

I thought that I was ready for breastfeeding…

I had read a lot and felt confident to start, but when my son was born I felt overwhelmed by emotions and insecurities.

Not knowing if I was doing things right or if his behavior was normal and on top of that feeding was painful.

I was worrying, over analysing and felt exhausted. I was ready to quit.
My partner Alex was the one who reconnected me with myself. Reminding me of my instinctive role as a mother and gave me the confidence to release control and follow my instinct.

I started to adapt to my sons rhythm and follow our needs.
Lessons I still live by today…
Instead of giving up I continued breastfeeding to his fourth birthday.
Thank you Karla for your guidance. As my pregnancy is almost over and I will be a second time mum, all my feelings about breastfeeding were full of insecurities. My first time was quite a challenge and I was so unprepared for what was to come postpartum.
After our talks I already feel so much more in control of my emotions and body. Now I can imagine myself successfully breastfeeding without getting overstressed.
Forever grateful for your guidance!.
mom of two

Your investment:

€ 299

  • Four online calls to get ready for your breastfeeding journey feeling confident & calm. So that you are able to enjoy your breastfeedingtime!

In four steps towards a confident & peaceful start :

Your Story

What you’ve heard and experienced in breastfeeding over the years determines how you think about it. Does the story serve you or do you need to re-write it?
Create your story on your conditions and create a solid foundation.


Do you believe breastfeeding is difficult & hard? Do you doubt if you can do it?
It all starts with a positive mindset. Replace negative thoughts and expectations by positive, empowering ones for success!


Connect to your intuition, find peace inside yourself.
Stay true to yourself although everyone seems to have their opinions.
Feel that you know what to do no matter what and feel  the connection within yourself. 


Create the best environment before & after birth to optimise bonding & connection with your baby. 
Feel anchored in your space so you can use your motherbrain to guide you.

Why am I the right person for you?

I had a rough start to breastfeeding and managed to take control, follow my intuition and make my breastfeeding journey a joyful one. A journey that still continues up until today with my second child. Now it’s my aim to help others find their path.

Being intuitive, sensitive, straightforward and analytical, I quickly get to the underlying point of your challenges.

Others describe me as honest, reliable and genuine.

Being a mom of two young children myself, I relate directly to the challenges new mums face. 

Having advised many breastfeeding mums over the past years, providing practical tips & emotional support, I have developed a fine-tuned understanding of the anxiety new mothers deal with.

I found Karla as a coach really competent. She is very caring, open and authentic. I loved her open and non-judgmental approach. She is very understanding. I really enjoyed our sessions. Even when the program was finished, Karla still showed her interest in my well-being.
It was far & beyond my expectations. I am very grateful for that..
mom of two

This is for you when:

Four steps towards a confident start to breastfeeding:


You can start as soon as you feel ready. After registration I will contact you to book our first call.

You can pay by banktransfer or PayPal. You will receive the details of your preferred payment method by email after registration.

My coaching mainly focuses on the emotional part of breastfeeding and motherhood. Through my own experience I know a lot about general breastfeeding as well but I believe that the internal part is 80% of your breastfeeding success. For this reason I focus on this the most.

Your investment:

€ 299

Any questions? Or ready to start?
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